RSPro Front Deck Grip Benefits: 1mm thin

Target #1 during RSPro's Front Deck Grip development was to reach the most natural grip possible.

RSPro is in a quest to avoid wax in surfing and we love the aesthetics of front foot pads and their functionality. At the same time we wanted to avoid bulky pads, which tend to be prone to be over-grippy and tend to lock-up your feet to much.

We wanted a minimalistic approach.

We wanted to feel the board. To feel its shape, to feel the flex (or the lack of it), so coupled to a natural material we decided to develop the thinnest front foot grip in possible.

And we made it. RSPro's Front Deck Grip is a super-thin, 1mm, front foot grip.  

RSPro Front Deck Grip is as thin as possible. Only 1 mm

Let your feet feel.

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