RSPro Front Deck Grip Benefits: Last but not least

On previous Stories, we talked about two main benefits of the Front Deck Grip

  1. RSPro Front Deck Grip is a super-thin front foot grip
  2. And is Sustainable, which is good for you and for our planet

But there are more benefits:

  • Easy to install: RSPro's Front Deck Grip was engineered with the easiest possible installation in mind. We want to replace wax forever so we want to make sure to get rid of any usability friction. It's made of 4 individual strips so you can start with the central parts for easy alignment and we added a white protective and application paper so it's more rigid while installing. 
Installing RSPro Front Deck Grip is super easy
  • Works on all kind of boards: If we're proud of something is our expertise in glues. No one matches us, and here again we're using a very special glue that makes it compatible with epoxy, PU, wood and foam boards and makes it also easier to remove when you need it. We know, removing a traditional pad is a pain in the ass. Being there, done that. 
  • Matches the HexaTraction: The angles of the Front Deck Grip match those of the HexaTraction hexagons, so you can combine both for a full, wax free surfboard. Yasss

Front Deck Grip RSPro matches the HexaTraction

  • Doesn't absorb water: Some cork do, our engineered cork don't. I know it's super thin, so even absorbing water the weight increase would be ridiculous, but details matter
  • Impact absorption and heat insulation: Did you know that cork cells are hexagonal? This is another thing that made us fell in love with it. We love hexagons, you know. And apart from loving it, the honeycomb cellular structure of cork, makes it a very effective impact absorption material and also very effective insulating from heat. Yes, it's true, you may say it's only 1mm thick; but we said details matter. 
Image by Science Source
Image form Science Source
  • Made in BCN. And we're very proud. We're proud of designing and developing products in Barcelona, but we're even prouder for producing all our products in Barcelona, in an era where most production went overseas. We love you Barcelona
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