Front Deck Grip gets tested by Surf Bunker

As time goes by, tendencies too. A clear example is purchasing behavior evolution. As users, we've changed our mind, our style... And that happens with the way we see businesses too.

We don't want to hear beautiful stories from enterprises, we want them to act. From storytelling to storydoing, it's called.

And that's what we did, designing the worlds most planet-friendly front foot grip on the market. As an enterprise, we want to contribute to have clean oceans, less dirty beaches, and an eco-friendly lifestyle. We believe in this change and that's why we want to be part of it.

Surf Bunkers Surfboard

Surf Bunker guys explain their experiences with Front Deck Grip. "I'll be honest, at first, I thought it looked a little slippery and was intrigued how it would perform when wet" says Nic, but then testing he became confident with it "Once I planted the foot and let rip, I was delighted how nice it felt and to my second moment of surprise, I didn't slip off. I felt totally confident and the traction of the cork was doing its job exceptionally well."

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