RSPro is offsetting the CO2 for your order

This is the message that you'll find in your cart when you place an order at 

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But what's CO2 offsetting?

Carbon credits were introduced by the UN. Each credit represents one tonne of CO2 equivalent removed, reduced or avoided altogether from the atmosphere. And those credits can be sold or traded.

By contributing economically to projects that reduce the CO2, we offset the CO2 that shipping our orders generate. That's CO2 offsetting. 

To learn more, have a read at this article where RSPro founder Carles Carrera get a little bit deeper. 

For our carbon offsetting we partnered with Pachama one of the leaders and pioneers using technology like aerial data, sensing and AI to effectively measure entire forests instead of extrapolating data from manual and local periodic measurements.

RSPro collaborates with Shopify and Pachama to offset CO2 emissions from ecommerce shippings

Every time you place an order at Pachama calculates the CO2 impact of the shipping based on products weight and distance traveled from our Barcelona HQ to your door and charges us with this cost which is then used to protect, grow and manage forests, offsetting our impact.

That's one small step from RSPro for the planet, but it can become a giant leap for mankind if more and more brands and organisations join. 

The next step for Pachama would be to offer the possibility to double the CO2 impact or to offer the customer, you to participate also. 

RSPro is offsetting CO2 emissions
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