RSPro launches a super thin, sustainable Front Deck Grip

RSPro advances a further step ahead on the quest to completely avoid wax with its own vision about front foot traction. 

The Front Deck Grip it's a super thin (1mm) sustainable front foot grip made from cork. 

The idea behind making it super thin is to have the better board feeling possible by reducing the height and cushion between your feet and board to the bare minimum. And by making the grip only 1mm thick and without extreme cut outs, the "locked up" effect of traditional pads is a thing of the past. It's a grip compromise between an eva pad and wax. 

Making it sustainable and energy efficient was a must, so we made it from cork. Cork, apart from being a sustainable and energy efficient material it's formed by honeycomb shaped cells that make it very efficient for impact absorption, heat protection and insulation. And hey!, our HexaTraction product line is also hexagons ;-) Apart from cork, other materials are used for a long lasting product.

With this in mind RSPro development team found the major challenge: you know that removing traditional pads is a pain in the ass. It's probably the most upsetting thing any watersports lover may face. They break, glue gets adhered to the board together with small pieces of eva foam and you expend hours to make your board look good again after all the madness. 

But know what?. After testing and iterating for a long time, we found the way to produce a Front Deck Grip that is easy to remove if you need to remove it in the future. How? Sorry, we can't explain it here with all the copycats we have. ;-)

The RSPro™️ Front Deck Grip works on all kind of boards (epoxy, PU, wood and foam) and we designed it so the angles are identical to those of the hexagons of the HexaTraction, meaning you can match the Front Deck Grip and the HexaTraction for a full wax free board. 



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