Now using bio compostable shipping bags | Building in public

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Lao Tzu

We're not changing the world, but we like to change it as much as we can. Step by step. Building in public.

We manufacture plastic products, as HexaTraction or rail savers, but they are long term plastics. Plastics that substitute more harmful and short lived alternatives as surf wax or to increase the life of your boards so you don't need to replace them as often. 

Since the beginning we use recycled carton packaging on all our products, and packaging design and engineering became one of our obsessions. 

RSPro Tail Grip packaging


Our packagings are expensive to manufacture, orders of magnitude more expensive than wrapping the products with plastic wrap, as it's the sad standard in the industry. Our margins get lower, but we compensate on increasing sales ... well, we'll never truly know if you, our customer, makes purchasing decisions based on our sustainable and expensive packaging. If you do, thanks, thanks a lot. If you don't, thanks anyway. At least we try and we did what we think is best for you and us.

If this doesn't make us rich AF, at least we make the planet more sustainable.

And keeping our building in public philosophy one of you shocked us by sending an email, or maybe was it a social media comment?, telling us that RSPro packaging was great but then the order arrived home wrapped in a plastic shipping bag. Touché.

As always, you were right. That's a mistake. A big one.

So we contacted our shipping partners, Mailboxes, and told them that we wanted to stop using plastic bags and to change to bio compostable bags. It's been far from as fast as we hoped for, but here we are. 

RSPro bio compostable bags


We start shipping RSPro products on bio compostable bags.

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