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Some curiosities about RSPro bestseller watersport accessories

Monica, RSPro headmaster of production managing, logistics, team motivatior, work clothes buyer, coffee machine incident solver and lead trouble saver (thank you Monica 🙏) shows you some curiosities about RSPro bestsellers: 

Let's go with the highlights. Let's do 5 of RSPro best sold products, from tail pads, to rail tape for paddleboards, and in between.

Tail Grip:

The RSPro product that takes longer to manufacture. We produce everything in house from raw materials and I have to say that it's by far the most complex product we manufacture.

As we're closely followed by copycats, I can't explain you here in public all the processes, but it takes us 4 weeks from first process to last.

Apart from the product itself, the packaging is a feat of engineering and craftsmanship totally invented in house by lead designer and co-founder Xavi.

RSPro Tail Grip, the most complex product to manufacture


Who said it was easy to save the World? 😅

We have a saying: "if it were easy, it would be soccer"


The OG, the Original Gangster, of alternatives to surf wax. Often imitated, never duplicated and also 100% made locally by us.

The HexaTraction was launched in 2016. Yes, time flies. 

I remember it was the week before Easter and I was enjoying three or four days of a little vacation in Tarifa, southern Spain, worrying and at the same time excited about the launch. 

And it was a success. A huge success. 

I also remember showing it to a partner who later tried (and failed) to copy it in China. 😡

Smart Nose Saver:

Do you really need protection for the nose of your surfboard?. That my friend,, was my question for so long. Do you know if you need it?

And I was hesitant to develop such a product. The products in the market were so inconvenient. So awful. 

But one day we bumped into an awesome material and it started from there. 323 days from concepto to reality. Almost a year of ups, downs, more downs and a final up. 

Entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster. 

Clear SUP rail saver:

Another OG.

The absolute king of SUP rail protection. It defined a before and after and it was the original ideal that launched RSPro, which was back then Rail Saver Pro.

But do you know it wasn't our first version?.

When we first started in late 2010, and the went online in 2011, we started with a coloured version.  Transparency was not good enough and we wanted something that covered the already battered rails of SUP boards.

Then we developed the perfectly transparent clear version and since then, the Clear SUP rail saver is a Worldwide best seller. We sold more than 30,000 pairs.

In which countries the most? US & Japan

Front Grip II:

With the Front Grip first and the Front Grip II later we wanted an alternative to wax, for those sick and tired of the mess of wax and who wanted also an alternative to the HexaTraction. 

We also wanted to serve those who like the eva front pads that hate the lock in effect and thickness of it. 

And we made it: only 1 mm between your feet and you board.

Wax-like feeling without the mess 

RSPo front grip traction