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Surfboard Traction Pads packaging that decomposes faster. Way faster | RSPro

Have you ever wondered how long it takes a lemon to decompose? About 3 months, even less. Nature to nature. It's natural.

And how long do you think it takes for the plastic duct tape used to wrap packages to decompose? Up to 150 years 😬

What about plastic bottles then? Up to 500 years. I'm not going to live that longer. Are you? Why do we have to produce stuff lasting longer than us?

At RSPro we thought it may be a better alternative to colorful traction pads wrapped in plastic packaging.

Alternatives to surfing tail pads fully made out of petrol components. And we launched surf grips made locally by us, in Barcelona, with the least amount possible of plastics and in a fully recyclable carton packaging.

It takes 4 months or less to decompose our tail pads packaging.

And what if we wrap the orders with paper duct tape which decomposes in less than a year?. Way better.

How long does it take for paper duce tape to decompose?


We can all do better.

We'll do better.

Surf industry can do better.

You can do better.

Do it