Surf Wax by RSPro Genesis NFT

Hey friends, 

You know what we think about wax 🌱.

Yet surf wax is probably the best seller item in surfing, so we decided to make our first wax 🤑

And you know what's the best wax? Right!!!. No wax, or even better, Virtual Wax.

So here you have the first RSPro NFT: 

Surf Wax by RSPro Genesis NFT image


What's an NFT?. If you have been living in a cave during the last year (or surfing non-stop without an internet collection), you can read about NFT's here

The NFT "Surf Wax by RSPro Genesis" is made in the metaverse by RSPro, there's only 1 bar available and you can get it here: 


Higher bid gets it. Sale ends November 30, 2021 at 4:30pm CET

Net Weight 0 grams. It's virtual buddy.

The real Eco wax is no wax. 

Wax is for Candles 🕯

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