Waxless Surfing: the way to go for you and your planet

You can surf waxless, and I don't mean this:

which I can't recommend, by the way. 

I mean this: 


I'm talking about using the technology of the year we live in. We're well into the XXI century, we all carry a supercomputer in our pockets, but we wax boards. Really?

Yes, ... you know ... the tradition, the smell ...

Yes. I get it, the phone attached to the wall through the cord had its charm, but a dirty surboard is not cool, wax melted on your car is not cool, wax everywhere is a mess.

In our quest to avoid wax altogether, first we launched the HexaTraction and later the eco Front Deck Grip. We can know offer you a waxless traction solution for your board, be it a shortboard, a longboard, wakeboard, kiteboard, supboard, you name it. 

Combine the Front Deck Grip with any of the HexaTraction variants and you have the waxless surfboard. And we'll all share a better planet.

Ah, and looks cool. 😎. Check it with your own eyes: 

Hav Surfboards with the Front Deck Grip and HexaTraction

Waxless surfboard with Front Deck Grip and HexaTraction

Firewire Chumlee waxless surfboard thanks to RSPro products

Sailboards Tarifa waxless surfboard with HexaTraction and Front Deck Grip

Solid Surf waxless surfboard thank RSPro products


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