Welcome Joao

We're adding a new member to the #teamRSPro: Joao Diniz

team RSPro member Joao Diniz from Tavira, Algarve, Portugal

But let Joao introduce himself: 

My name is Joao and I live in an Algarve city named Tavira, where I started surfing back in 1984/85, when nobody was surfing over here. 10 years ago, after some years living in Andorra and Lanzarote, I started longboarding and this year I started competing on the Portuguese Championship. 

My first competition was just 2 years ago in Salinas, Spain where last year I scored there a 2nd position in my category. This year I won the Mr. Hang 5 at a Portuguese longboard festival and I'll keep competing on festivals around Spain and Portugal with the objective to be between the Top 10 with the help of RSPro and its HexaTraction. 

Welcome to the team Joao!!!

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