Welcome to #teamRSPro Stecher Brothers

RSPro® is proud to announce that the Stecher Brothers, Manuel and Mario, are now part of #teamRSPro

Stecher Borthers, RSPro ambassadors

The Stecher Brothers are land locked surfers from the South of Germany, Munich, where they are able to surf man made river waves all year around (in frigid temperatures sometimes). 

Stecher Borthers maneuver

Manuel and Mario will use the RSPro rail saver on both their surf and SUP boards, the Edge Savers on their paddles and of course they'll be able to only use wax on candles, as they'll be our perfect ambassadors for the HexaTraction for river surfing on cold water.

Stecher Brothers spraying on the river

Of course, they'll also use RSPro products on their surf trips to more warm, or at least, not frigid waters ;-)

Stecher Twins surfing at the Eisbach with RSPro products

Welcome to #teamRSPro guys!!!

Welcome to team RSPRo Stecher



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