Welcome to the team Adam Amin

At RSPro we're happy to add a new member to #teamRSPro : Adam Amin. But who is Adam?

Adam Amin team RSPro member charging at Jaws

Let himself and the pictures make the introduction:

My name is Adam Amin,

I am from England originally. I now reside in Maui, Hawaii. Surfing big waves around the world is my life and intimately I have been following my dream of becoming the best big wave surfer.

Adam Amin team RSPro big wave charger

For years I have been aiming my sight at getting into the jaws contest (Pe’ahi challenge). I have some amazing support from all my sponsors but with no major sponsor it’s hard to travel so much and work doing random jobs to continue out my dream. There are many sacrifices to following dreams, I’m sure many people know, you are not chasing money but the riches are the journeys and memories you create.

Adam Amin team RSPro at Puerto Escondido, Mexico

I have been known to be overly persistent but I am a person to stop at nothing to achieve my goals and dreams. I am an advocate for completing dreams but help anyone I can complete theirs, especially if they are a positive and motivated individual.

Adam Amin team RSPro at big waves

I train everyday all year round for big swells from person physical training, breath training, yoga and mind conditioning. I train myself and put courses on for top athletes to get them to their optimal level. Big wave surfing as a sport is the best, the people are super motivated and willing to push limits and places you go are just breath taking.

Surfing has given me everything and provided me with a life I am forever grateful for.

Adam Amin getting barreled in Maui, Hawaii

Welcome Adam

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