When surfboards become art

This is guest Story by Christian Csillag. 

We were so blown away and honoured by the beauty of his surfboard that we asked Christian to explain us the background of his beauty. Here's the story:

Dani Vila shapes no wax surf board for Christian Csillag

In the summer of 2017, I had the great fortune to meet two wonderful people during holidays in southern Spain. One of them, Carlos Andrade Leal, owner of Waterman surf school, now a good friend, introduced me to his friend Dani Vila, a local surfboard shaper. Although I was a surf beginner at this time, the surfboards made by Dani Vila immediately mesmerized me. The passion with which Dani Vila designs the boards is fascinating and unique.

Every surfboard is a true work of art! You can see them on Instagram (#danivilashapes).

This board was built in the summer of 2018. The bottom shows a great aerial view of the ocean surf.

Bottom of Dani Vila shapes surf board for Christian Csillag

On the top Dani Vila has already used the "Front Deck Grip" by RSPro.

Dani Vila shapes surf board for Christian Csillag with the Front Deck Grip

But I still needed wax for the slippery spots. Now I have extended the upper surface with the Hexa Traction Grip by RSPro. I'm looking forward to the next surf session

Dani Vila shapes waxless surf board for Christian Csillag

Thanks Christian. Amazing surfboard

Dani Vila shapes waxfree surf board for Christian Csillag

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