Why a surf nose saver from RSPro

For years one of our distributors asked us to develop an RSPro nose protection for surfboards. 

To be fair, we rejected it the very first time without much reasoning. A very unattractive category. 

Months go by, years go by and after a few more requests you realise that the need is there. The problem was just that the execution of existing products solving the problem was to say it simply: odd. 

More years go by and we bump (pun intended) into a smart material with cool applications for the problem we needed to be solved. 

But as always with entrepreneurship the path to success is not easy: the material had some issues that made it unsuitable for a surf nose protection. We worked hard and after some research and development and very smart (yet simple) product and process modifications, we solved it. 

The problems of the raw material that made it unusable for a nose protection were:

... noooo. I'm sorry, I won't list them here. Sorry competitors!. Do you own homework fu#*rs!!!

So after many years we are proud. Yes proud (wouldn't imagine to say that for a nose saver) to launch the RSPro Smart Nose Saver

RSPro Smart Surf Nose Saver


A surf nose protection for the year we live in. Universal. Easy to install. Simple and effective. 

Born from the specific needs of German pool surfers and now available for all the watersport global community: surfers, riversurfers, poolsurfers, kitesurfers, wakesurfers, paddlesurfers ... you name it. 

If you're a surfer you probably smashed a surfboard tip or two. If not, you're going to smash it. And you know it. 


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