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Why an alternative to EVA pads?

  • We surfers don’t need surfboard traction pad grips made 100% of petrol derived foam with aggressive patterns for extreme grip.

First of all we all agree we must reduce the use of petrol derived foam. We're trying to reduce to the minimum but we still use it in our tail pads. We use it just on kicks.

And second. Are you sure you need those extreme patterns in your surf pads? Are you competing at World Surf League level? You sure. For sure I don't need them. Maybe you do. We make surfing tail pads without aggressive patterns. 

  • Our tail grip of choice ought to help with global sustainability.

If sustainability is something that worries you, if you think the surf industry and we surfers ought to help more: do it. 

Consume from brands and places helping with that. We're an option. Probably not the best. For sure not the worst. But there are many others. 

Greenwashing is evident in the industry. And you can tell who's doing it. 

  • At RSPro we understand how it feels to go to the surf shop to only find plastic wrapped EVA pads with flashy colors.

It's evident at your local surfshop. Luckily it's changing. But what were they thinking with those plastic wraps? 

And maybe you're sick and tired of those flashy colors on EVA pads. Ours are brown. Cork brown. It's not easy to be brown, but we love them. 

  • Like you, we wanted something more natural, less aggressive both on the environment and visually.

Maybe you don't. Maybe you give a shit about natural materials, close sourced materials, sustainability, and so on. We respect it. Kinda. But it's clear we are not your brand, so why are you reading this far?

  • So we launched our first tail pads in 2020.

All RSPro products are made locally in Barcelona to help you reduce your environmental impact.

Avoid the masses, avoid plastic pads and join the rebels. Those using the brown pads.

Why an alternative to EVA pads?