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Why HexaTraction is superior to other wax alternatives in the market

RSPro was born late 2010 to scratch our own itch and with the knowledge and expertise acquired in other sectors working with top companies. RSPro's parent company and factory works for many top automotive companies.

The HexaTraction was launched to help watersport lovers with an alternative to wax. Some copycats appeared in the market but HexaTraction is still a superior alternative. Why?: 

  • HexaTraction is Thinner. We formulated the HexaTraction to be as thin as possible. It's way below half millimetre (glue included), while those copycats products are more than 1mm which creates rash and cuts on you skin.
  • Better adhesive impossible: No missing hexagons. It's not about stronger glue. It's about the right glue for the application. We create the DNA of our products and we fine tune the right glue for the right application. Works on any surface. Even softboards
  • Clear means clear. Clear, transparent, not greenish or bluish or yellowish.
  • Easier to install. As we created our glue, we formulated it to be compatible with water installation. By installing it with water, it's easier and the results are nicer
  • Proprietary grip formula. HexaTraction doesn't use any standard safety grip tape on the industrial market. This is lame 😒 guys.
  • Bigger hexagons mean bigger grip area (and faster installation). Don't get fooled by the number of hexagons. Use the area covered. And by being bigger installation is faster as you use less individual parts.
  • No sharp razor-like edges. We don't use a digital plotter to cut parts. This creates sharp edges and cutting angles. 

Microscope view of the HexaTraction

We lead, others follow.

Shame on you Waal