HexaTraction: Temperature independent grip&traction

We're going to deeply explain one by one the multiple benefits, and drawbacks of the HexaTraction RSPro® board grip&traction.

And we'll start by "Temperature independent grip&traction".

HexaTraction temperature independent grip and traction

You know the feeling. Wax is a temperature dependent grip, meaning that you have to choose the right wax for the water you're surfing in. That is you have to remove the wrong wax and apply the right one (if you have it at the moment you need it), or surf with a bad feeling (if you don't have it at the moment).

Wax used in water colder than its rating will become hard and not provide the stickiness needed to stay on the board, while wax used in water warmer than its rating may melt.

HexaTraction RSPro® is temperature independent. All materials are more os less temperature dependent, but telling you HexaTraction is independent of temperature conditions, we mean that you don't need a specific HexaTraction for each temperature.

One thing less to worry before going to the water.

Have fun.

Main benefits of the HexaTraction RSPro board grip and traction


Added Benefits:

  • Don't lose time waxing. Go to the water.


  • Forget about strawberry, banana or coconut scent. Pads protect better the board deck from impacts. Bigger upfront investment on surfboards. No pro-riders is using it (for the moment).


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