HexaTraction: Non aggressive to your skin

Eight post explaining one by one the multiple benefits, and some drawbacks of the HexaTraction RSPro® board grip&traction.

On this one "Non aggressive to your skin"

HexaTraction RSPro® is not aggressive on your skin

If you have been reading all the benefits of the HexaTration RSPro® but you still don't believe it, you should be wondering: OK, I get it, should be something like skate grip that will take skin off me. Nope, it isn't.

We are surfers, we know what we do. It had to have perfect grip for surf, but at the same time being gentle on your feet, and on your skin. A tough challenge to accomplish.

How to prove it's gentle on skin, when first prototypes were ready only in our winter time when we were surfing on wetsuits?. We installed them in the bath tube, and founder's 7 year old child took a bath day in, day out and loving it.

Better test than that? Impossible.

Later, Australian RSPro® distributor tested it long boarding in shorts and concluded:  "I prone paddled a fair bit to test abrasiveness on skin and it's fine.....wax gives a worse rash."

Main benefits of the HexaTraction RSPro board grip and traction


Added Benefits:

  • Don't lose time waxing. Go to the water.
  • Forget about strawberry, banana or coconut scent. Pads protect better the board deck from heel dents. Bigger upfront investment on surfboards. No pro-riders are using it (for the moment).


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