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HexaTraction Clear Basic

Hello friends, 

We're introducing a product rename. 

The small (half the content of the HexaTraction Clear) package was originally named River-Wake-Kite Surfing edition because it was thought and designed to be used on those kind of boards that are generally:

  1. smaller
  2. where less front foot movement is needed
Which means a smaller front foot grip area is needed. 

But we realised it was confusing. Many people just needed a small Hexatraction package just to fill the gap between the front pad and the tail pad and the area in front of the front pad like in the example below: 

HexaTraction Basico to fill the gap between front and tail pad

Or just need 1 and 1/2 package of HexaTraction for a bigger surfboard, or for a funboard. 

Why don't we call it just HexaTraction Basic?

Simpler, right?

Here you have HexaTraction Clear Basic. The very same HexaTraction Clear, but half the content:

HexaTraction Basic edition packaging