Introducing the first rail protection for foil boards

You ask, we deliver. 

We hear you asking to protect the rails of your foil board. 

Foil boards are thick but short. You use to lay them on the rail and they get easily hit during transport when getting them in&out of the car. They get hit during those practice hours behind the boat, with the paddle if you SUP foil ... those rails get abused. 

Foil board laying on the rail with the RSPro Clear Foil rail saver

We ended up with a Clear, transparent protection, same material as the successful RSPro SUP rail savers and in 2 strips x 135cm(4’5″) x 8,9cm(3.5").

SUP foil board with RSPro clear foil rail saver in the pool

Here you have the RSPro Clear Foil Rail Saver


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