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Sustainable Surfboards from Munich, Germany

We knew the guys at Wau Eco Surfboards through one of our ambassadors: Manuel Stecher. We loved their approach based on sustainability on surfing and they loved our sustainable cork Front Deck Grip so there was a match and invited them to explain their story and philosophy, as we share the idea that we can build together a more sustainable surfing. 

Wau Eco Surfboards with the Front Deck Grip

Have a read about their story and ethos: 

"We started the brand a few years ago just out of love to surfing and especially the surfboards themselves.

On our local break the Eisbach Riverwave you see so many different boards, which made us very curious about the different styles of boards and the benefits or disadvantages of certain details in the shape - if you just change a little thing the board may be completely different to surf.

Eco Surfboards made in Munich with RSPro sustainable traction part 1

So we started, just out of fun, shaping and experimenting. Soon we became more and more passionate about details, materials and also the design and we wanted to  improve our boards and never stop to push forward. We found great response from the local surfers, so we thought let´s get serious.

With our occupational background as an automotive/spacecraft designer and architect we had some knowledge about materials and construction. But still, most of it is learning by doing, which really is the most interesting part, you never stop to improve yourself and learn new things (and to be honest it´s a hell lot of fun to hang out with your friends and create something new ;-))

Eco Surfboards made in Munich with RSPro sustainable traction part 2

So we started WAU SURFBOARDS which also could be called a hippie like place for people to hang out who love surfing. 

After a short while there was this big thing coming up: we are surrounded by toxic materials and it´s just not cool! Surfing is all about nature and this isn´t, it´s the opposite. There must be an alternative, and it is easy: yes there is, and there are a lot of them!

Eco Surfboards made in Munich with RSPro sustainable traction part 3

The sustainable and ecofriendly materials nowadays easily keep up with the regular materials so there is just no reason not to build ecoboards!  Except: the money and the carefulness you need to have when working with these materials. No mistakes are allowed, which definitely is a big plus for the customer!

For our stockboards we don´t use any additional colors because we don´t want to hide anything under paint. The construction and the characteristics of the material do the design. But for us- to build an ecoboard means more than just using ecofriendly materials, the building process needs to be rethought in certain points, you need to reduce the outcome of the waste and try to create something new out of it; for example we make boardbags and backpacks.

Eco Surfboards made in Munich with RSPro sustainable traction part 4

For us, these tasks are both important and necessary. We want to show that sustainability also means high quality, attractive design and high performance!

And we want everybody to have fun with our stuff!"