Top 10 Best SUP Accessories and Products for Every SUP Surfer

Hey there, fellow SUP surf enthusiasts! 🏄‍♂️🌊 It's time to take your paddling adventures to the next level! After years of riding waves and exploring waterways, I've handpicked my ultimate list of 10 essential SUP accessories and products. These are not just any items; they're the gear and gadgets that have truly transformed my wave stand-up paddleboarding experiences. From must-have essentials that every paddler needs, to innovative pieces of equipment that have boosted my performance on the water, I've gathered the best of the best just for you. So, grab your paddle, and let's set off on this exciting journey through the world of SUP excellence, curated through my personal adventures and discoveries! 🌟

1. Wave Paddle. SPS Carbon Flow

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From our Barcelona homies SPS, crafted for the SUP enthusiast who demands agility and rhythm in every stroke, the SPS Carbon Flow Paddle stands out with its 70-blade size, making it genuinely unique. Designed to enhance your maneuverability and increase your paddling cadence, surfing waves with this paddle is an entirely new experience. 

2. Fins. Feather Fins Ultralight

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From our friends at Feather Fins, the Ultralight model stands as one of the most versatile and popular fins in their collection. This fin is your go-to for everyday surfing, offering unmatched flexibility across a variety of surf conditions and is recommended for all board types (shortboards, SUP, minimalibu, etc.). It delivers the perfect burst of thrust and features a slightly refined tip for extra release off the top. With its classic, functional, and well-balanced design, this fin excels in all types of conditions, ensuring that your ride is smooth and your turns are sharp.Wetsuit.

3. Wetsuit. Oxbow Yulex 3/2

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The Yulex 3/2 Wetsuit by Oxbow is my top recommendation when it comes to wetsuits. It’s the perfect balance between eco-consciousness and high performance. Ideal for early winter or summer surfing, the Yulex 3/2 is crafted from natural rubber Yulex®, a sustainable alternative to traditional petroleum- or limestone-based neoprene. This choice not only reduces the wetsuit's environmental impact—cutting CO2 emissions by up to 80%—but also ensures you don't have to compromise on performance. 

4. Rail Protection. Xtreme SUP rail saver 

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The Xtreme SUP Rail Saver by RSPro is my go-to when it comes to preserving the sleek look of my board while maintaining its resale value. RSPro's unmatched expertise in rail protection shines with their Xtreme model—the smallest Rail Saver designed specifically for performance wave SUP boards. With this on your board, you can paddle worry-free, knowing your investment is well protected against dings and scratches.

5. Tracking App. Dawn Patrol 

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Dawn Patrol is the app I swear by for tracking my waves, distance, speed, and keeping a comprehensive diary of all my sessions. Having used it on my Apple Watch for years, I can confidently say it's an essential tool for any serious SUP surfer. It's not just about monitoring your progress; it's about understanding your journey on the water like never before. Whether you're aiming to beat your personal best or simply keep track of your adventures, Dawn Patrol offers the insights and metrics you need at your wrist. 

Dawn Patrol App

6. Leash. Revolwe 8’ Ankle Leash

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The Revolwe 8’ Ankle Leash is my choice for eco-conscious surfers seeking top-notch performance without harming the planet. Featuring up to 30% recycled 7mm PU cord, rail saver, outer cuff, leash string, and branding made from 100% recycled post-consumer PET, Revolwe sets the standard for sustainable surf accessories. Their leashes are designed to minimize environmental impact while ensuring durability and functionality. Every part is replaceable, and each cuff is crafted with Yulex for unparalleled comfort, even during those unexpected board tugs. 

7. Sun protection. Kream Sun Spritz Facial Sunscreen SPF50+ 

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Another local brand from Barcelona!!! The Sun Spritz Facial Sunscreen SPF50+ by Kream is my shield against the sun's harsh rays, when I’m in the water (and our of it). With its lightweight and fast-absorbing texture, it seamlessly blends into your skin, leaving a matte finish without any greasy feeling. It's designed to stand up to water, sweat, wind, and whatever else your adventurous heart desires. For those long days out on the water or exploring the great outdoors, Sun Spritz ensures your face (and lips, I suffer from lips sunburn) remains protected, so you can focus on the fun without compromising on skin health.

8. Boardbag. Starboard The Recover Bag

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Starboard's The Recover Bag is the boardbag choice for eco-conscious paddlers. Light, durable, and crafted from recycled plastic bottles, this innovative design flips the script by being made inside-out, much like a t-shirt. This unique construction reduces the need for extra reinforcements, making the bag lighter without sacrificing strength or protection. Whether you're heading to a local spot or embarking on a far-flung surf adventure, The Recover Bag ensures your board is safely and sustainably cocooned.

9. Earplugs. SurfEars 3.0

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I used to be skeptical about the need for earplugs, wondering, "Why earplugs?" That was until winter sessions led to some unwelcome ear problems. Surfer's ear is a real issue that shouldn't be taken lightly. That's when I turned to SurfEars 3.0, and honestly, they've been a game-changer. Designed specifically for surfers, these earplugs offer the protection you need without sacrificing sound clarity or comfort. They're the best choice for anyone looking to prevent surfer's ear and maintain their health while catching waves. Whether you're braving cold waters or simply want to stay protected year-round, SurfEars 3.0 are the earplugs I recommend to every surfer out there.

10. Sustainable pads. RSPro Tail Pad

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For those who prioritize performance, a deep connection with their board, and sustainability, there's a clear choice: the top-of-the-range tail pad by RSPro. Crafted from cork, this tail pad not only enhances your grip and control but does so with an eye towards eco-friendliness. As with all RSPro products, this tail grip is made locally, reflecting the brand's commitment to quality and environmental responsibility. Whether you're executing sharp turns or mastering new maneuvers, this tail pad ensures your feet stay planted, all while supporting sustainable practices.


There you have it, fellow SUP aficionados – my personal selection of the top 10 indispensable SUP accessories and products that are set to skyrocket your paddling experiences to thrilling new heights! Whether you're an experienced paddler or just dipping your toes into the vast ocean of stand-up paddleboarding, these essentials are your golden keys to unlocking a realm of unmatched potential on the water. From the seamless glide of the SPS Carbon Flow Paddle to the eco-friendly embrace of the Oxbow Yulex 3/2 Wetsuit, I've meticulously chosen each item to ensure you have the best at your fingertips.

Wave goodbye to compromise with the environmentally-conscious choice of the Revolwe 8’ Ankle Leash, navigate waters with confidence with the Feather Fins Ultralight, and make every session memorable with the cutting-edge tracking of the Dawn Patrol app. Enhance your board's longevity and performance with the Xtreme SUP Rail Saver, safeguard your skin with Kream Sun Spritz Facial Sunscreen, and transport your cherished board in style with Starboard's The Recover Bag.

Elevate your SUP adventures with these carefully selected accessories, designed to enhance your performance, comfort, and connection to the water. Ready to paddle out and conquer the waves, explore serene waterways, and cherish the unparalleled moments that only SUP surfing can offer? Equip yourself with these essentials, and let them be your trusted companions on every splash-filled journey. Embrace the spirit of adventure, let the waters become your playground, and remember – I'm here to guide you through every wave and every discovery in the world of SUP. 🏄‍♂️🌊

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