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RSPro launches a super thin, sustainable Front Deck Grip

RSPro advances a further step ahead on the quest to completely avoid wax with its own vision about front foot traction.  The Front Deck Grip it's a super thin (1mm) sustainable front foot grip made from cork.  The idea behind making it super thin is to have the better board feeling possible by reducing the height and cushion between your feet and board to the bare minimum. And by making the grip only 1mm thick and without extreme cut outs, the "locked up" effect of traditional pads is a thing of the past. It's a grip compromise between an eva pad and wax.  Making it sustainable and energy efficient was a must, so we made it from cork. Cork, apart...

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Restyling a Goya windsurf board using HexaTraction

Alberto, from Italy shares with us the story of a windsurf board restyling he made using HexaTraction The restyling started with this Goya: I'm Alberto from Italy and two months ago I decided to restyle my custom Goya windsurf board. Starting from the yellow one, I removed graphics and glue, sanded for a long time and finally painted with spray and sponge. As a beginner, I made a lot of mistakes but the result is good enough to forget my old board and to fall in love for the new one. Not knowing how to do antislip, and not having the right tool and a place to do it, the Hexatraction by RSPro was my first and only choice: very...

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Welcome Janina

RSPro is super happy to add Janina Zeitler to the #teamRSPro "My name is Janina Zeitler, I'm 17 years old and based in Munich Germany. My passion is Surfing and my home spot is the Munich Eisbach. I'm traveling a lot to different places in the world to meet new people for sharing this awesome spot. My favorite surf destinations are the Canary Islands, Morocco, Portugal, France, Hawaii and Costa Rica. I'm a competitive surfer, since 2016 I'm European Champion Open Women in "stationay wave riding" and also Wavmaster 2017 and 2018 in Germany. At the German Nationals open water juniors 2015 I finished in 2nd place and 3rd place in 2017. But the most important thing is to have...

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