HexaTraction: Automotive, RSPro® quality

Seventh post explaining one by one the multiple benefits, and some drawbacks of the HexaTraction RSPro® board grip&traction.

On this one "Automotive, RSPro® quality"

HexaTraction automotive, RSPro® quality 

We are used to work with some of the best companies in the automotive world, which has imprinted quality first in our DNA. We design, engineer and manufacture everything in Barcelona, sourcing the best materials from all around the world, from Europe to Japan.

RSPro® means the highest quality standards in the watersports industry, and beyond.

For the HexaTraction RSPro® we carefully tested several design, materials and process variations to reach the perfect product. Everything is fine tuned for the purpose of the product: A board grip&traction for the year we live in.

Since we were born in 2010 with the rail savers, we're proud of our quality. Our customers become our friends, as they repeat and repeat and we work for their full satisfaction.

If you somehow receive a faulty product, you'll receive a new one. No questions asked. Company policy. Well, this is not really true, as we like to ask questions in order to keep improving and improving. 

Main benefits of the HexaTraction RSPro board grip and traction


Added Benefits:

  • Don't lose time waxing. Go to the water. 


  • Forget about strawberry, banana or coconut scent. Pads protect better the board deck from heel dents. Bigger upfront investment on surfboards. No pro-riders are using it (for the moment).


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