Classic Porsches and beautiful surfboards

We love classic Porsches. They are pure, true Porsches. Cars with a soul. Unique shapes that any generation can identify. They transmit driving sensations at any speed. Both tactile and hearing sensations. 

We love unique surfboards. Boards with the soul of its shaper. Pure boards. 

So we decided to unite both worlds in magic photoshoot with a surfboard from Dani Vila Shapes, a surfboard from Truwood and Julià 911 Porsche Specialist. 


DV Shapes X RSPro in a classic Porsche garage
Truwood surfboard in Porsche garage
DV Shapes X RSPro under a Porsche 993
Porsche memorabilia and surfboards
Truwood surfboard with RSPro traction with a couple of Porsche 993


More pics coming in the next weeks at RSPro gram 



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