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Sea Faith | RSPro

The human being has always had a special relationship with water, with the sea.

Each time and each person in their own way. For some a source of inspiration, for others fear and uncertainty.

For us, people of the 21st century, it has always been our escape route, our sacred place where we forget our problems and the absurd and unfair situations that we live in these times.

We can see the sea as a place where I recharge our faith to move forward, where we are reborn, where we were born, where we come from, without pretensions and nothing built, done or to be done.

And we think that today it is important to regain faith, faith in ourselves, faith in the sea.

Sea Faith.

Sea Faith was recorded during a couple of dawn patrol sessions with @surfbrava and Adri Perarnau featuring the Hexa board by Wyve. Regain the faith