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Shark RSPro SUP rail saver

Did you know that RSPro started as Rail Saver Pro doing only SUP rail savers?

Rigid SUP sales are dropping like a stone in most markets and the market seems to be contracting globally as we speak so it seems as the right time not to launch a new product but that segment, but ... we're RSPro and we want to do things differently so we're launching a new SUP rail saver design: the Shark RSPro rail saver 

Shark SUP rail saver

It's in the standard size: 191x6.3cm or 6'3"x2.5" which suits most boards from 8'0" to 12' (surf, touring, allround) and it's clear, transparent with a shark shape/design in silver. 

It's made from RSPro lenticular material which offers easy installation and zero drag and will last longer than your board itself. 

Shark RSPro SUP rail saver on a Coreban SUP board