Elevate your sailing with HexaTraction's lightweight, thin and durable grip solution. Enhance safety, performance & customization for teams and boats.

Alinghi Red Bull uses HexaTraction

Unrivaled grip and traction for sailing safety:

HexaTraction's hexagonal modules provide exceptional grip and traction on your boat's surfaces, reducing the risk of slips and falls in both wet and dry conditions. This enhanced safety feature is essential for competitive sailing teams, boat manufacturers, and boat owners that need reliable grip solutions.

Lightweight design for optimal performance:

HexaTraction's minimalistic design adds negligible weight to your boat, ensuring that sailing performance is not compromised. This is particularly important for competitive sailing teams and boat manufacturers where every ounce counts in terms of speed and maneuverability. 

Hassle-free installation and maintenance:

The peel-and-stick application process of HexaTraction makes installation a breeze, without requiring any special tools. Its low-maintenance and easy-to-clean design allow sailing teams and boat owners to focus on perfecting their performance on the water, rather than worrying about their grip solution.

Resistant to harsh marine conditions:

HexaTraction is built to withstand the rigors of competitive sailing and harsh marine environments, being both UV and saltwater resistant. This ensures durability and long-lasting performance in even the most challenging environments.

Alinghi Red Bull Americas Cup boat with RSPro's HexaTraction

Personalized Aesthetics: Transparent or Colored

Why settle for ordinary when you can customize? HexaTraction not only provides performance and safety but also allows for a personalized look and feel. Choose our transparent grip if you love the natural design of your board and don't want to conceal it. Or take customization a step further. We offer HexaTraction in a paletter of colors for big projects. Whether you want to match your sailing club's hues or coordinate with your brand's aesthetic, we've got a rainbow of options to fit your needs. With our advanced customization options, and our local, Barcelona based production, you can create a grip solution that’s truly unique to you