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Sick and tired of dings and chips on your SUP board rails?

This is why we started to design, manufacture and sell the highest quality SUP rail savers money can buy.

Often imitated, never duplicated: RSPro® SUP rail savers:  


SUP board rails get dings, chips, and cracks from your paddle blade, from impacts in/out of your car, or simply by resting the rail of the board on the parking lot.

Good news is you can keep your board looking fresh and cool protecting the rails (and keeping a higher reselling value).

If you decide to do it, do it with the highest quality and best looking rail protection on the market.  And join the tens of thousands of happy customers worldwide.

RSPro SUP rail savers are here to save your board in style. Performance and design for your board, made in Barcelona.

Avoid cheap imitations to protect your valuable boards and keep it’s reselling value.