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Camo Fish waxless surfboard

We partnered with the friends at Hav Surfboards for their latest creation: The Camo Fish waxless Surfboard.  It's a retrofish surfboard, painted in Camouflage pattern and completely wax free thanks to RSPro's Front Deck Grip and HexaTraction Enjoy the photos by Joan Hernandez and the Hav Surfboards team: Wax? Don't pee in your own planet.👽

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RSPro Front Deck Grip benefits: Sustainability

RSPro is on a quest to completely avoid wax in surfing. First with the HexaTraction, and now with the Front Deck Grip, which is made from cork. Cork is renewable, recyclable and energy efficient. It's the bark stripped from the cork tree. Cork trees are never cut down and live more than 200 years.  Raw material is sourced from close suppliers and as with the rest of the RSPro products, production is made 100% in house in our Barcelona factory. Before expanding, let's remember what is sustainability: "avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance" Sustainability is an attitude, and if we can change our surfboards and what we put on them, if we can use...

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RSPro launches a super thin, sustainable Front Deck Grip

RSPro advances a further step ahead on the quest to completely avoid wax with its own vision about front foot traction.  The Front Deck Grip it's a super thin (1mm) sustainable front foot grip made from cork.  The idea behind making it super thin is to have the better board feeling possible by reducing the height and cushion between your feet and board to the bare minimum. And by making the grip only 1mm thick and without extreme cut outs, the "locked up" effect of traditional pads is a thing of the past. It's a grip compromise between an eva pad and wax.  Making it sustainable and energy efficient was a must, so we made it from cork. Cork, apart...

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